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Friday, August 17, 2012

(small preview) Me in Beijing

forgive me for being lazy to update my blog .. although this has been a long time about less than five months ago, precisely when the month is in April .. I visited a country I had long dreamed of traveling to get there, namely Beijing, China. many things I can not tell you in writing it ^ ^. So, I will show a small picture of me there. In the next writing I will try to tell you all the particulars as detailed.

wait for my update^^

Friday, April 27, 2012


finally back to update my blog that I have left about almost 3 months. will update thisreview on my vacation and a new experience I have gained from the activity of visitingother schools in other countries. I hope you like it. Have a nice read when reading my post: p

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year 2012 = New Life = New ...

     2012 is the year of the most awaited by the world community. Why? because in this yearthe ancient Mayans believed to have been doing their best to predict doom that occurredin 2012. Actually this is a big influence on all over the world. Hollywood as they quickly responded to this issue by making a quite phenomenal film titled 2012.
Doomsday for me personally is a place where the sun rises at sunset usually.

    Okay enough already about Armageddon. I've got more important things. 2012 was challenging year for me. How not? I have to chase all my lag in regular lessons (I'm in GAC). Because for nearly one and a half years we only focus on GAC all the lessons, so that we do now is to have to catch it in time for a semester (1 semester = 6 months)
I still do not feel like it's just loads ..... hahh .. (Long sigh) still it is all I have to live instead. never thought of retreat, but encouragement from my friends and my family has made ​​me re-excited in the pursuit of a dream that I should make a reality.

I am actually very jealous of my friend who could complete all its work. Why I could not while he can? that's what made ​​me motivated to do something better. As my teacher said "if you fail to plan then you plan to fail" the word is what I need now, perhaps for many people this is just a short sentence that does not mean. To me this is the key to a success. I promise from now on I will do my best to achieve this dream. I want everyone who supported me(especially my parents) can smile and proud to see me in the future. I hope what I wrote could also be motivated to make you take part in reaching your dreams. Do not ever give up and keep trying is that you do not regret later:).

Regards spirit,

My Friend,DYAH is comeback !!!

Do you know that this one woman I've ever discussed in the article
?? yes you are absolutely right this woman is Dyah Ayu Probowati. She is a good friend of me (?). Although the appearance is not always able to cover a miracle in herself a student of Senior High School of BMD 2 that named Dyah. This time she covers a song from Beyonce.. please enjoy ...

if you want to keep in touch or want to interact with as friend or fans (?) or just want chit chat with her please contact her throught this link :
 twitter :

twitter: @dyprob
Y!: mbul_mmm
4square: dyah ayu
looklet: dyahprobo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is one of the video belongs to my good friend who enroll herself in the arena INDONESIAN IDOL. I think that my friend deserve to get into a prestigious event such as INDONESIAN IDOL. The support you gave to my friend is a distinct pride for me. So, watch the video below and click the LIKE as a sign of your support to my friend NINDYAH AYU  TRI KINASIH. As our school motto GO FIGHT WIN! :)